Series of 3

On June 27th, 2004 I was born and started my wonderful life! It was a calm and quiet evening. I was born at 7:05 in a hospital called the CHUS in a town called Fleurimont. I came home in a pink sleeper with a little baby mice on the front of it. I looked so cute! I honestly don’t know what happened?

I’m certain that even though I did not know what life was, I must have been really excited. I started to: walk on my toes, babble, climb around like a monkey by the age of one. At the age of two, I moved into my big girl bed. I was delighted! As soon as my dad put it together, I got up and jumped on it repeatedly. I bounced like a spring with a smile from ear to ear. Afterwards, I had a very sudden and tranquil nap.

That first sleep had come due to exhaustion, and though I felt lucky to have my new bed, I did get a little nervous that night when it was time to go to sleep. I remember thinking I was going to fall off and hurt myself. Then, I knew it would be a great experience to get to sleep on a big girl bed all night, and I remembered how I had felt earlier, the minute I had seen that bed put together.

I knew exactly what needed to be done to confront my fears! I confidently leaped straight onto it and soon drifted off. The moment my mom turned around she found me sawing logs. It was a blast for me being two years old. I made my life look like a fun roller coaster at the fair. That big girl bed was special; like a banana split with cherries on top!

Halloween Poem

Halloween Night Frights!

On the night of Halloween,

Ghoulish creatures lurk the night,

Graveyards, attics and haunted houses, too.

They linger around,

street to street,

house to house,

Trying to find you, never daring to give up.

Vampires love to suck blood!

They come out at dusk

Prowling at every beating sight.

What is that noise coming from my window?

Five witches floating on broomsticks through the sky.

I am scared, but I want to explore this Halloween night.

Do you think I should dare?

Hello world!


I swim. I float.

I sink. I dive.

I hold my breath to ten.

I kick. I jump.

I do a handstand.

I tread without my hands.

I surf. I circle.

I drift. I cannonball.

I swim with my eyes closed.

I feel like a dolphin, so free and happy.